How to Use an iPhone for Beginners
Thousands of people have downloaded our feature video guide to help them become a pro at using their iPhone in 30 minutes. From taking pictures and video to helpful tips and tricks navigating your screen, our iPhone guide covers it all. Watch how to create your contact list, send and receive calls, set up your e-mail, navigate the web, download apps, and much more. A complete iPhone instruction manual in a video. Check out How to Use an iPhone for Beginners.

Video Guide Includes:
  • Setting up your iPhone to work for you.
  • Creating/importing your contact list, making/receiving calls, text messages, voicemail
  • Personalizing your phone to suit your needs.
  • Saving money on Data charges
  • Taking and sharing photos, videos, and apps with your friends and family
  • Organizing your iPhone
  • Downloading Apps and using the AppStore.
  • Tips, tricks, whats new in iOS 7 and much more!


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